Where do Kryolan and Ben Nye products come from?

Kryolan is from Germany and Ben Nye is American

Are they tested on animals?


Can I return products if I change my mind or no longer need them?

No, we do not refund if a customer changes their mind. Products are replaced or refunded in the unlikely event they are found to be faulty.

Aren't Minifies make-up products only suitable for stage and screen?

Kryolan and Ben Nye were designed for use on stage and screen. However both brands have expanded their ranges, and used their vast experience, to provide a wide range of foundations and other makeup suitable for everyday wear.

Is Kryolan foundation thick?

No, it isn't. Kryolan foundations are highly pigmented so the coverage is excellent without being heavy.

Which type of foundation is most suitable for mature skins?

In the Kryolan range, we would recommend, the Ultra Fluid foundation,  the Ultra stick foundation, the high definition smoothing foundation, or the high definition creme foundation. If the skin is dry, the Ultra foundation could be suitable if applied finely.

In the Ben Nye range, we recommend the HD matt foundation ranges. All these foundations are available in an extensive colour range. It is essential to apply a good quality primer such as Kryolan HD Micro Primer.

Which foundation is recommended for an oily skin?

Kryolan Ultra fluid, the High Definition Matifying or the Dual finish makeup which is a powder makeup containing no oils. Ben Nye HD matt foundation is also suitable. It is essential is use an appropriate primer such as the Kryolan Perfect Matt under the foundation and the use of a setting powder such as Kryolan Anti shine or translucent powder.

How do I achieve a natural no makeup look?

Kryolan has an Ultra Tinted moisturiser which contains sunscreen so suitable for every day wear. It is very light in texture but will even out the skintone. For a dewy look you can mix a little shimmering event foundation with the tinted moisturiser.

Why are makeup primers so important?

They smooth the skin and prepare it for the foundation application. The foundation glides on easier and lasts longer. You tend to use less product too.

My foundation appears white and ghostly in photos, why is this?

It is because your foundation contains an SPF causing the foundation to bounce in photos. The skin can also appear greasy when photographed outside in bright sunlight due to reflection. The only foundation sold at Minifies containing SPF is the Kryolan Tinted Moisturiser.

I have an ugly scar which is red and slightly raised, how can I disguise this?

It is very difficult to disguise a raised area. The reddness can be disguised by applying a suitable Kryolan dermacolour shade to match the skin tone. This is set with dermacolour powder. The area is then waterproof. Dermacolour is a highly pigmented product especially designed to cover scars, birthmarks and tattoos.

I have red cheeks and my foundation doesn't cover it?

Apply Ben Nye Mellow Yellow prior to your foundation application. Mellow yellow normal is suitable for darker skins and those with very red cheeks. Mellow yellow fair is suitable for lighter skintones or slight reddness.

I have read that eye primers are important, why is this?

An eye primer will smooth the skin on the lid prior to the eye makeup application. It will make the application of eye makeup easier and it will last longer without the shadow creasing. Kryolan produce an excellent product called quite simply Eye Shadow Primer.

What is the difference between Kryolan Ultra setting spray and Kryolan Fixier spray?

Both products set makeup. Ultra setting spray is suitable for setting makeup and can also be sprayed over Aqua colour or even mixed with Aqua colour to make it more durable. Fixier spray is much stronger and is recommended to set body painting.

Are your lipsticks long lasting?

Yes, our Kryolan lipsticks are very long lasting and we have over 100 colours to choose from. Always apply your lipstick with a lip brush, blot and reapply for a professional finish.

I need a waterproof foundation suitable for stage, what do you suggest?

Kryolan Supra colour applied with a brush or a sponge and set with translucent powder.